What we do

Creating unforgettable journeys, providing personalized service, ensuring VIP treatment ~ it’s what we do

At Vagabond Travel we believe that travel Is not just an investment in time and money, but more importantly [an investment] in an emotional experience. Like any sound investment, planning should not be left to chance or an online booking engine that doesn’t know who you are. Trip planning is best handled by trained professionals who understand what you’re looking to see, do and accomplish in your ever-valuable free time.
Each of us at Vagabond Travel is excited about travel. If we’re being honest, we can’t get enough of it. . . whether it’s visiting an old favorite or checking out a new and exciting destination. When not out exploring the world ourselves, we’re home sharing our experiences with our clients, many who have been in our service for years.
Our job is to make sure your time away from home is truly memorable. We draw tremendous satisfaction from creating extraordinary journeys one client and one itinerary at a time.

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