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My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our extremely well planned Italian vacation by Vagabond Travel agent Nancy Redman. We wanted to celebrate our special anniversary with an extended Rome visit followed by a Mediterranean cruise. Nancy researched this request and recommended The Windstar Cruise Line. We had the Best Vacation Ever. Thank you Nancy!!!

John Guarino | Agent: Nancy Redman

Everyone knows one of the best parts of “wedding planning” is “honeymoon planning”. We are so thankful to have met you. You are so kind, and it was truly a pleasure every time we met with you. We appreciated your knowledge and expertise. We are looking forward to planning out next trip!

Jillian & John | Agent: Carole Kaiman

Thanks so much for Carole knocking it out of the park one more time! We love Anguilla; the island was beautiful, and hotel/staff was fantastic. We really appreciate all the time and thought you put into our trip.

Renee & Jim | Agent: Carole Kaiman

Our trip to Greece was absolutely amazing! We had the best time. All of the hotels were fabulous and all of our travel details were perfect. We are SO SO appreciative of all you did and have already given you name out.

Kara & Matthew | Agent: Vicki Rogers

This has been such an amazing trip in London. We cannot thank you enough. To start, the hotel is fabulous!!! It’s so beautiful, makes us feel like we are in the middle of a magical city (as we are!). They upgraded us to a three-bedroom suite too, no extra bed needed! We have more room than we could ever need. And our tour guide was fabulous! I highly recommend her! She gave us such wonderful experiences! Thank you again!!!

Kim and Lon | Agent: Vicki Rogers

We can’t say enough about Megan Fitzgerald as our travel expert. She takes the time to listen and to understand what is important to us. Also, she offers us several options for hotels, restaurants and tours. She considers our budget and is flexible with any changes. There have NEVER been any issues on any of our trips. Megan has assisted us in the US, in the Mediterranean, and Europe. Our recent anniversary trip to Spain and Portugal was unforgettable. We would not consider planning travel without her expert advice. We have recommended Megan to over 25 friends and acquaintances. Each referral has thanked us immensely. We look forward to years of adventure with Megan in the lead. She makes our travel effortless with no worries!

Lora and Joe | Agent: Megan Fitzgerald

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